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Life and career:

-My dream was already to once be a DJ when I was 6-7 and so I was playing the music on "parties" for my friends
-All over primary school I was playing the music on the school radio and I was the "DJ" on all school parties from my 3d year till 8 when I went to high school but it was with cassettes so not really a DJing as it is now.
-High school: school radio, after 1,5 years DJ on some parties. At this time it was with CDJ100s so that's when I started to actually DJing.
-I started to alone organise and promote my own party series in pubs and bars around my village when I was 15 until 20 (2002-2007). They became very successful, sometimes not just full but as many people outside on the street and garden as in the venue as they couldn't fit in
-2006: In Hungary you need to take a test and get a certificate to legally play in clubs so I got this and I started to play frequently in 2 clubs.
-2007: I won a DJ talent competition in Szeged, I got to play as a DJ on SZIN (one of the biggest music festivals in Hungary)
-November: I got a gig in my dream-club Club 1001
-2008: resident DJ in Club 1001 . By the end of the year resident in an another club, Zsak Club Mako so I was playing every weekend sometimes Friday-Saturday
-2009: Started to play for Szeged's biggest radio Radio88, Club88
-2010-2013: I got to play on a lot of gigs with Club 88 and my friend DJ Bigiboy all around Hungary, we usually played on 2-3 gigs a week, and I was resident in 3-4 clubs in these years separately, played radio shows and started to learn music production, so all my life was around music, but my dream was to once become an internationally well-known DJ and I had financial issues, so I had to pay less attention on music and more on working somewhere else
-2013: My last gig was in Club 1001, then I decided to have some brake in my career and move to the UK, learn English and start an international DJ and Music Producer career
-2015: moved to the UK and started to learn how to produce music at home alone

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